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Search Console Video Index Report

Google recently came out with a new feature on Search Console termed “Video Index Report” or “Video Page Indexing“. The Video Index Report feature is supposed to help Webmasters and SEOs understand the performance of Videos on Google and identify areas for possible improvement. 

This new Video Indexing feature is set to roll out gradually over the next few months. Should Google detect any video available on your website, the Video Index Report will automatically appear on the left navigation panel in the Google Search Console coverage section. This also means that if Google doesn’t detect any video on your site, you will not have the Video Indexing Report on the Google Search console. 

The Video Index Report will show the status of video indexing on your site as well as answer questions such as :

  • In how many pages has Google identified a video
  • Which videos were indexed successfully 
  • What are the issues preventing videos from being indexed.

Video Index Report Video Index Report

In addition, you can use the Video Index Report to validate fixes made to existing issues and track the progress thereof. Also, Google states clearly that this report is different from that of the Rich Result Tool and therefore does not affect nor depict the validity of video structured data items

Google has also enhanced the URL Inspection tool to allow for checking of video indexing status of a specific page. 


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