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Inbound Marketing for Startups
Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing for Startups

Integrating Inbound Marketing in your business can create practices that will keep your customers coming back for more. With strategies rooted in content and technology, strong business practices combined with the belief in doing what is best for the customer, you will gain the numbers

Understand the basics of Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing focuses on attracting customers to your business through valuable content, with the end goal of converting them online or offline. Inbound Marketing is a customer acquisition strategy that provides your potential customers with the information they need to discover, evaluate and purchase your product or service.

It’s all about using what we create to support the activities – blogging, social media, eBooks and useful how-to content. You do it in a way that creates a steady stream of interested prospects and customers who want to engage with you – and that’s changing the game. In its simplest version, is about making yourself findable and credible online in order to attract and delight your buyers, then convert them into fans who will tell their friends. Inbound marketing takes off some of the unnecessary noise associated with a more traditional approach to marketing by working smarter, not harder.

Know who your target customers are

It is really important to know who your target customers are, what they want, and how they want to interact with brands.Target customers for the Nokia 3200 cell phone are those who want a digital camera in their cell phones, but at a more affordable price than many others on the market. It is a fashion statement of sorts, meant to be viewed as stylish rather than extravagant.

This phone is for those who want a digital camera and aren’t ready to pay top dollar for one.


Focus on creating great content

Focus on creating great content. The same principles that work for a magazine article apply to your knowledge assets. Remember, your end users are trying to achieve their goals and avoid obstacles. The idea of content marketing is to capture your readers’ attention with an experience that helps them see your point of view, their problem and your solution

Takeaway: Inbound Marketing starts and ends with content; quality content that is.  You can’t just create a blog or website and expect to get results.  You need to put in the effort, research and time to create quality and relevant content.

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