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How to run a SEO Audit

One of the biggest mistakes that webmasters, marketers, and SEOs can make is to consider SEO a static measure. Continuity and website improvements over time characterize a successful SEO strategy.Buyer behavior is subject to constant change, which means marketers and SEOs have to change their methods in line with with how buyers search on the internet.

For example, a few years ago, it still was common to search for websites and products exclusively on your desktop or notebook at home.

Today, more than half of all users in industrialized countries use their smartphones and other mobile devices to search for relevant information or products online.Because of this, modern website should be optimized for mobile devices (mobile optimization).

This is the only way to ensure that mobile users also have a positive user experience.

Another example of how user demands transform SEO practices is loading speed. Just 10 years ago, users had to be patient when they loaded a website because connection speeds with modems were slower, with waiting times up to several seconds until the page fully loaded. A study found that more than 40 percent of users leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load.Search engines, especially Google, have evolved tremendously over the past decade. These changes happen not only because of user demands, but also because Google’s technology has evolved to be able to understand complex search queries and deliver relevant search results.

It is no longer enough to achieve good rankings for content by stuffing keywords in the page meta-data.Today, search engines evaluate content as well as the technical characteristics of your website.Google uses various algorithms to determine the relevance and quality of a website in relation to a search query.These algorithms are continuously improving. Hundreds of “Google Updates” take place annually, with algorithms adapted or completely revamped.Today, Google even uses artificial intelligence to answer search queries that have never been made before with RankBrain.

At the same time, voice search and digital assistants are further developing web searches that place new demands on websites and their operators. What Google expects from webmasters and SEO managers is defined in the so-called “Google Webmaster Guidelines.”What does all of this mean for marketers? Increasing user demands and evolving search engine quality make it necessary for you to continuously adapt and improve your websites and SEO quality. To find out what you need to work on, you should regularly conduct an SEO audit.

Who needs to conduct SEO audits?

An SEO audit is a daily task for SEO service providers and agencies. In-house SEOs should also conduct audits at regular intervals to check the health status of corporate websites. At the same time, SEO audits at agencies serve to document the progress of website projects for clients. In addition, an SEO audit is important in determining possible SEO measures when making initial contact with customers.

This article is intended not only for professionals who need valuable support in their work practices, but also for SEO beginners who want to familiarize themselves with the topic of website optimization.
The SEO Audit Guide will give you insights into the world of SEO professionals.

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