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How to Create a WordPress Website

Step by step approach to develop and design your wordpress website. WordPress powers over 30% of websites globally and is one Content Management System among many that you can use for your business and personal websites. 

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Choose your niche 

The first step before setting up your new wordpress website is to choose your niche. This might seem as an obvious assumption that everyone should know, however, different website designs cater for different industries and niches.  Are you in the hospitality industry as a restaurant selling sea cuisine ? Note that down as this will affect the choices you make later on regarding your website. In this case, I am assuming you are not a website designer or have limited experience in designing websites hence we will take a step by step approach to make the process simpler for you. 

Once you have decided the appropriate niche for your website, the next step will be to purchase your domain  from a reputable vendor such as , Dreamhost, Bluehost e.t.c.

Choose a Domain Name

Choosing a domain is quite similar to choosing your business name, in that the domain name has to be unique enough for people to remember, descriptive enough without being lengthy and possibly a name that represents your brand. The recommended naming convention is to go for a domain name that is similar to your business name. People are more likely to remember your domain name if it matches your business name. 

Once you have decided on your ideal domain name, head on to Dreamhost to check whether your preferred Domain name is available.  In most cases, most domain names that you might want might not be available, in this case look for further iterations of the same domain names, just make sure your choice does not look spammy. 

Hosting Options

Once you have decided on your domain name and are ready to make the purchase, the next step involves choosing a reputable host for your website. Every website needs to be hosted somewhere and  different hosting platforms have their pros and cons. The most important point here is to make sure your host offers close to 100% server uptime and  a fast ssd storage. These pointers will become much more important once you start working on your SEO. 

Dreamhost offers hosting options starting from as low as $2.59 per month  

They also offer wordpress prebuilt into their hosting with free migration incase you already had your website hosted somewhere else. 

Website Builder

The next step  is to choose a website builder on wordpress. The common website builders are Elementor, Divi and Gutenberg. We prefer using elementor as a website builder since it has an easy to use interface and offers a lot of flexibility  from custom css to shortcode insertion e.t.c. This , however, is upto your liking and preference. 

Finally, start creating content for your website.

Choose the right theme for your website

After creating your dreamhost account, the next step will be to login on wordpress from their navigation panel and start building your website. You will be required to choose a theme for your website. If you have a theme developer you can contact them for this part, if not, wordpress offers various free themes that you can use for your website. Incase you want to have a custom theme and don’t have a developer, you can head on to Theme Forest and purchase a custom theme that has been made specifically for your industry or niche. This will cost you anything from $5 to $200 depending on your needs. 

Once you have bought your website theme, download the zip file and upload it on WordPress under themes section and make it as the active theme. 

Most Themes come with demo templates and content that you can simply use directly for your own website without much work needed, however, it is in your best interest to customize your website to match your brand and requirements and not rely on demo templates. 

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