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Google Ads for Shopify
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Google Ads for Shopify

Using Google Ads to drive traffic to your shopify store can be an incredible sales channel for your business, infact 49% of shoppers surveyed claimed that they use Google to discover and find new products. Shopify will automatically populate your products on Google and Facebook using your store’s titles, images, and descriptions.

  • Adnabu App

This can be done manually, or using a Shopify app like Google Adnabu Shopping to help you do this easily. Using Adnabu for the Google Merchant App, your tax settings are instantly copied from your Shopify store to the Merchant Center.   

Once you’ve linked your Google Ads and Google Merchant Center account to the Shopifys Google Channel, you can easily create and run a smart Shopping campaign. This allows you to manage your customers’ Shopping ads with a single campaign with a pre-set daily budget.    

Smart Shopping campaigns will use your existing product feed and resources to serve relevant ads across multiple networks such as Google Search, Shopping, YouTube, Gmail, and the Google Display Network.   

Google Ads can truly open up your Shopify store to the world by helping you reach out to people who are actively looking for and interacting with your products by sending the right message at the right time. Building a Google Ads strategy based on your sales funnel will help you reach the right audience with the right messages to drive targeted traffic to your store. The key to Google Ads and Shopify is to engage your audience with campaigns that reflect their stage in the buyer’s journey. It’s time to create your first Google Ads campaign.    

Although e-commerce marketers find it easier to focus on bottom-funnel marketing campaigns that target sales, revenue, and return on investment, it’s important to remember that Google Ads can provide more than just shopping and search advertising. Companies can view their text ads on non-search websites, mobile apps, and videos through the Google advertising network, and companies that prefer to show more visual ads can view their ads on websites, mobile apps, and videos without searching.  Google Ads pricing structure also allows businesses to bid on various metrics including cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-impression (CPM) bids, making it one of the most affordable marketing alternatives for businesses of all sizes.   

Plus, 63% of people are more likely to click on paid search ads on Google than any other search engine. And it makes Google Ads for Shopify an effective way for D2C brands to find new customers in particular.  Shopify Google Shopping makes it easier, faster, and more convenient for merchants by helping them get their sales with Google Shopping Ads. Shopify has developed the Google Shopping app to help you create a Shopping campaign and listings for free using a channel quickly and easily.   

For Shopify users, we bring you the best Google Ads automation and optimization application for Shopify, which you can use to create high-performance dynamic search campaigns using industry-leading standards. In this guide, you will find important tips for Shopify sellers to use Google Ads to increase traffic and develop a high conversion rate strategy. This four-step guide will help you get clicks with Google Ads, not only to click on your customers’ websites, but also to help paying customers who use Google’s three most profitable advertising products get clicks.    

 According to Alexei Zakharov, a Shopify developer, a successful Google Adwords advertising campaign requires some experience and knowledge of product promotion methods. So far, we’ve discussed how you can launch smart Shopping campaigns from Shopify to reach your target audience in Google Search, Shopping, YouTube, Gmail, and the Google Display Network.    

Here are three types of campaigns you can create on the Google Display Network that can be highly effective for Shopify sellers.

  1. Dynamic search ads are another must-have Google campaign type for Shopify sellers with large inventory listings and some previous experience running search campaigns. This is the newest type of Shopping Ads offered by Google and recommended for Shopify sellers who have a large inventory of products.  
  2. Google Shopping campaigns target specific product searches by matching them to the product that is being sold on your Shopify store. This type of campaign works similar to search campaigns, but uses your customers’ product data, rather than keywords, to determine where to display ads. If you’re the owner of a Shopify store that sells mens suits, you can run smart shopping campaigns to target people who can’t wait to buy mens suits on Google.    

By using the Shopifys Google channel, you will serve your ads to your target audience across multiple Google platforms. Advertising information comes straight from your Shopify store to search pages, Gmail, Youtube, and more. Using product images and information from the Merchant Center data, ads show exactly the information that a potential online buyer is looking for.    

Developed by Google and a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., Google Ads enables businesses – large, small, and corporate – to pay to display ads, product listings, or service offerings to Internet users through the Google Advertising Network. Google Dynamic Search Ads are keyword-free search ads that Google generates based on your search query and your Shopify store’s product listing. Online shoppers click on nearly 85% of these ads, with mobile accounting for nearly 65% ​​of all clicks on Google searches.   

After setting up your campaign, you can start creating ads by providing creative resources, and Google will convert these resources into great native ads to thrive in the scrolling environment of the channel where they are displayed.    

When selling through Shopify Google Ads, you need to change and test your campaign type to find a successful combination that suits your specific niche, market, and brand. But sometimes, it is not easy to create a successful Shopify advertising campaign due to complex targeting options or complex ad setup procedures. Although this may seem daunting, especially for new sellers, the benefit of a well-designed, tested, and optimized Shopify Google Ads strategy is that it can bring a lot of new potential customers and conversions. You are a busy entrepreneur running your e-commerce business and it takes a long time to find the best Google Ads Campaign stratedgy ? Reach out to our team .

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