Google Ads for eCommerce

— by Sava Digital —

Even if you’re new to Google Ads or Online Marketing, this guide will help you create Google Ads Campaigns that will resonate with your target audience & provide a step-by-step approach from Start to Finish.

Awareness + Considration + Decision + Upsell/Cross-sell

Don't waste your AD SPend

Plan Ahead

The number 1 mistake a lot of Ad managers make is to throw money on Google with the strategy of hope and luck.

Advertising requires proper planning and tracking in order to work & become efficient.

Understand the Data you are tracking, who you are tracking and how far are they from Converting.

Here is what

You'll learn

What people ask

Frequently Asked Questions

The Guide is primarily for eCommerce business, however, most principles talked about in the guide can be applied in most businesses

You don’t need to be an expert to use this guide as we try to simplify every single step, however, if you are an expert you can use it as a cheat sheet.

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