Google Adds Pros and Cons Structured Data

Google’s Pros & Cons Structured Data

Google has been focusing a lot on enhancing the user experience on their platform and this is evident in the recent algorithmic updates on their platform. As part of Google’s effort to improve the Buyer’s journey, Google has taken product reviews into consideration & introduced the Pros and Cons Structured Data.

Pros and Cons Structured Data

According to Google, product reviews play an important role for users in the research phase and Google may highlight the Pros and Cons in the Product review snippet.  Google also mentions that they might automatically try to identify Pros and Cons on a listed webpage without the site owner’s intervention and add them on their Product Review Snippet, however, they prioritize supplied structured data over automatically extracted data.

In order to have full control over your Product Review Snippet, you will be required to supply Google with Pros and Cons structured on editorial review pages. Currently, only editorial review pages are eligible for Pros and Cons enhancement. Simply head on to Search Central to learn how to add Structured Data.

Google has also updated the Rich Results Test Tool to enable it to check for the Pros and Cons Structured Data in addition to the other types of Structured Data. You can use the Rich Results Test Tool to check the validity of your submitted structured Data. The Pros and Cons Structured Data will be available everywhere where Google Search is also available.  

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