• Top 5 Advertising Agencies in Kenya

    Top 5 Advertising Agencies in Kenya 1. Sava Digital Sava Digital is a Silicon Savannah domiciled Marketing & Advertising Agency. Our primary role is to help small & medium-sized businesses find their footing in digital growth. Are you looking for an agency that will tailor a digital growth plan for your business, an agency that…

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  • How to Advertise on Google

    How to Advertise on Google

    A Beginner’s Guide to Using Google Ads (Previously Google Adwords) Using Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) may be the most profitable decision you make for your business or organization. Learn how to use Google Ads effectively and leverage your return on investment.Using Google Ads might be the best decision you make for your…

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  • Google Ads for Shopify

    Google Ads for Shopify

    PPC Google Ads for Shopify Using Google Ads to drive traffic to your shopify store can be an incredible sales channel for your business, infact 49% of shoppers surveyed claimed that they use Google to discover and find new products. Shopify will automatically populate your products on Google and Facebook using your store’s titles, images,…

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