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Sava Digital is a Digital Marketing Agency and Consultancy based in Nairobi, Kenya.  We are founded on the premise of  enhancing digital growth for remarkable companies through a results-driven culture and building relationships with our partners and stakeholders.

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Digital Marketing

We are experienced in driving growth for businesses and organisations in different facets of Digital Marketing.


Online Marketing

Our team at Sava Digital offers exceptional services in the different disciplines of Online Marketing. 


Website Dev & Design

We help businesses launch their Brand Activation Campaigns and initiate a successful online presence.

Learn with Us

We have ventured into several marketing spaces and technologies to make sure that our loyal fans and stakeholders are able to learn with us

Daily Marketing Podcast

We create daily marketing content in short audio episodes that provide our listeners with actionable educational information.

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The Marketing Podcast

Launched mid 2019 by Augustine, The Marketing Podcast hosts 190+ episodes with several episodes featuring remarkable Marketing professionals from companies like Google, Planable e.t.c 


Blog Articles

Enrich your marketing knowledge with articles on our webpage. Our Blog articles feature information that are relevant to the dynamic changes in the industry.

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Skyscraper Technique & Content Sprouting

Experience first hand the skyscraper technique in practice on our articles and pillar pages. We are looking to hire content marketers !!!


Digital Course Academy

Get to learn the different facets and disciplines of Digital & Online Marketing in an actionable & well structured Coursework.

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Artificial Intelligence

We have registered our agency for access to GPT-3 & are looking forward to integrate Martech further in our ecosystem.  

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We are on the waiting list !


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Do you have a question or are you looking forward to working with us ? Drop us a line & we'll get in touch !

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Digital Solutions


Increase your ROAS through intensive and thorough keyword analysis, Ad Optimisation e.t.c.

Content Marketing

Create content that puts you at the head of your game with SEO best practices & increase Conversion rates

Podcast Advert

Get your business  listed and heard by listeners on The Marketing Podcast


Grow your organic traffic with the help of experts and compete on the 1st page of Search Engines


Get more traffic to your website with a comprehensive and custom Search Engine Marketing campaign

Email Marketing

Email has one of the highest CTR as a marketing channel. Grow your mailing list with us and set up campaigns to engage with your tribe 


Consult and outsource our expertise to help you set up an effective inbound campaign for your business

Social Media Ads

Run Social Ad campaigns that are optimised for higher ROAS and are budget-friendly

Grow Digital Bigger Faster

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to the best solutions.

We are a  growth-driven Digital Agency with tested growth models and experience that have worked for us and for our clients.

We use the latest of Martech softwares and tools combined with top-notch talent to produce a cocktail of remarkable results.

Our Growth Methodology

We will start off with a simple conversation to try and understand where your marketing pain points are, what you’ve tried before and whether we are the right Digital Marketing Agency for you.

Depending on what was finalised in the onboarding process, our team will start setting up a digital strategy that is best suited for your pain points and budget. This includes a comprehensive analysis of your competitors with the latest Martech softwares & tools.​

Our team will discuss with you the Go-to-Market strategies, Digital opportunities & further solutions that they were able to tailor for your marketing needs.

Time to get to work ! We will roll out the work with a tactical approach, setting relevant KPIs and a timeframe. At this stage we need you to focus on other important areas of your business as we free up your time.

The Marketing Podcast


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Marketing Made Simple in episodic releases of just under 20 minutes that can help level up your marketing expertise. Learn about the latest marketing trends, tools and insights on how you can outperform your competitors and achieve your marketing goals.

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We are an awward winning multinational & company We believe in quality and standard worldwide company.

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