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Sava Digital is a full service digital agency that helps small businesses grow their online presence through SEO, PPC, social media management and more. We can help you take your business from local to global!

We offer affordable solutions for all types of businesses in Kenya, including website design & development, mobile-friendly websites optimized for search engines (SEO) as well as pay per click advertising. Our team of experts will work with you to create an effective strategy that fits within your budget so you achieve optimal results without breaking the bank.

We use unique, custom-built tools to give us the edge

Start your Marketing Experience with Sava Digital !

Managing PPC campaigns requires a lot of time and energy. It’s hard to keep track of all the keywords you’re targeting, let alone how they perform over time. It’s also very easy for your campaign budget to get out of control if you don’t have strict limits in place.

Our team will analyze your existing campaigns and tell you which ones are working well, which ones aren’t worth the spend anymore, and what new keywords should be added or deleted from each ad group as needed. Then we’ll create custom bids for each keyword based on its performance history so that only the most profitable ads will get impressions while lowering your overall cost-per-click (CPC).

Finally our account managers will monitor everything daily so that any changes made by Google automatically adjust accordingly without having to wait for monthly reports like other agencies

In the world of online marketing, it is very difficult to drive organic traffic and stay on top of your game. It takes an enormous amount of time and effort to research keywords, write content around those keywords, optimize that content for search engines & put up a website that will attract the right audience for your business.

SEO can be extremely frustrating because you never know how much work you need to do in order to get results. You are at the mercy of Google’s algorithm which changes all the time without any notice or explanation from them. And if they change their algorithm again then everything you’ve done before becomes useless as well!

We help our clients grow their target organic traffic month over month by providing strategic keyword research based on industry trends & current events combined with effective web design principles and user experience best practices so that they don’t have to worry about anything else besides running their business! Our strategies deliver results!

Content marketing is a strategy that requires constant attention to your audience and their needs.

We understand the need for you to have an expert on board who can take charge of all your content marketing efforts. You don’t want to be stuck in one place, but rather move ahead with your business goals

We are here to help you create high-quality content for your brand by providing relevant information about your company or services. Our team will deliver engaging and valuable content across multiple digital channels such as blogs, eBooks, videos, infographics & more!

Our service offers a solution that will allow more people than ever before access to your products & services by targeting an engaged audience through advertising on one of the most popular media formats today – podcasts.

We offer you a unique opportunity to advertise on our show for as little as $50/day or $500/month! By advertising on The Marketing Podcast, we’ll be able to provide your product or service exposure in front of 3x more marketers than any other podcasting platform, including iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

This is because unlike these platforms which only display ads at their beginning and end, we can also run ads within our episodes! With this exposure comes conversions; whether it be website traffic or sales leads generated from listeners reaching out directly after hearing

Podcasting is one of the best ways to get your message out there. But it can be a daunting task for anyone who hasn’t done it before, which is why we created this service to help you!

Most people think that starting a podcast requires expensive equipment and editing software. It doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve got everything you need right here!

Our team will walk you through every step of setting up your first episode, from picking a topic all the way down to getting in front of an audience (and growing said audience). All with no contracts or long-term commitments.

Inbound Marketing is not a one-time thing. It’s an ongoing process because your customers are always changing and evolving. They’re also looking for more than just a great product or service—they want to feel like you care about them as people, too.

You can’t expect to do inbound marketing once and forget it forever; that would be outbound marketing! To keep your brand relevant over the long term, you need to constantly refine your approach based on what works (and doesn’t work) for each individual customer type.

If you don’t have the time or resources to handle this yourself, we’ve got the solution for you! Our team of experts will help craft personalized experiences that resonate with every new person who comes into contact with your brand online. We’ll make sure they know how much you value their business—and most importantly, why they should continue doing business with yours in the future!

Social Media is a very noisy place and it’s hard to get your message heard.

We can help you cut through the noise, drive traffic to your site, grow your business and save you time.

Our team of experts will manage all aspects of social media for you from start to finish. We’ll post content that fits with your brand voice, engage with customers, create contests & giveaways that are relevant and fun for fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter Instagram etc…and we’ll also make sure everything is working together so that what you’re doing on one channel (i.e., Facebook) works well with what’s happening on another (Twitter).

This way our clients don’t have to worry about anything except their day-to-day work while we handle their social media marketing campaigns in an efficient manner!

Why Us

How we do it

Getting Started


We will start off with a simple conversation to try and understand where your marketing pain points are, what you’ve tried before and whether we are the right Digital Marketing Agency for you.


Digital Opportunity Analysis

Depending on what was finalised in the onboarding process, our team will start setting up a digital strategy that is best suited for your pain points and budget. This includes a comprehensive analysis of your competitors with the latest Martech softwares & tools.

Moving Forward

Strategy Discussion

Our team will discuss with you the Go-to-Market strategies, Digital opportunities & further solutions that they were able to tailor for your marketing needs.

Our power is in Sharing

As a self-taught Marketing Team, we understand the hassle of getting started in Marketing and finding a strategic growth plan. That’s why we created The Marketing Podcast – Digital Marketing Tips & Insights . With over 85,000 downloads and tons of marketing nuggets sprinkled out on every episode, you can now join 1000+ members of our Podcasting Community.

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The Marketing Podcast is a  daily marketing podcast bridging experience, curiosity & creativity into actionable audiobites of just under 20 minutes to help you level up your marketing

Sava Construction Ltd was established on 15th December 2011 and incorporated on 19th February 2015 as a limited liability  company under the company’s act of Kenya. It was founded on the core value of outsourcing knowledge leading to diversification as a foundation for exposure and sensitization in a dynamic and a fast growing global economy.

The company is as a result of ideologies realised by thought leaders and highly skilled professionals in building and construction with a common goal of realising innovative global industrialisation and efficiency in the industry.

We are committed  to providing satisfaction to our clients regardless of the magnitude of the construction project at hand.

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